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Don't waste your energy on targeting cold contacts and money for social media ads.

Get connected, build relationships and gain new customers, clients and commissions on LinkedIn. 

On LinkedIn you get:


You have a chance to connect with people you wouldn't be able to approach anywhere else.


You build relationships and gain trust - the two basic prerequisites for closing a deal.


You turn your contacts into customers and profit.

There are about 590 million contacts on LinkedIn, and your POTENTIAL CLIENTS are among them. How do you turn them into your real clients?

You only need to find, reach, attract them, and gain their trust. HOW do you do it right and with the right results? Let me teach you. 



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References from clients

I am truly glad I attended the seminar “LinkedIn for business” Jana was leading. I really liked two things. One of them was a clear course structure, i.e. dividing into 3 steps - creating an appropriate user profile, building the network of the right contacts and creating effective content. The second main benefit was, according to me, the immediate application of this new knowledge on my LinkedIn profile, i.e. learning by implementing!!! A huge contribution for me was also creating a company profile and gaining know-how how to actively work with it in combination with my personal profile.

Jiří BeranLecturer and consultant for development of people and organizations, INTELECTA TEAM,

My LN profile wasn’t bringing me much, therefore I signed up for the Linked Academy course. I had not just learned how to manage my LN, but also how to build my brand. Changes I made according to the recommendation from Jana were small but significant. Since then, I get contacted by companies or individuals with requests for cooperation, the traffic on my website has increased as well as the number of my customers. My network has grown by 200%. These are exactly the reasons why I recommend Liked Academy to entrepreneurs and to sales representatives. You eliminate “cold” contacts and thanks to this, your communication is much more effective.

Ivana SáčkováSales Representatives coach and trainer:

It’s been five years since I started building my own brand in a strong competitive environment as a financial advisor. Jana’s Linked Academy also helped me to clarify how to present myself and my brand on social media and the internet.
Jana can help you to include everything essential and important to your profile and at the same time, you get plenty of tips on how to make the most of LiknedIn. You can expect her really making sure you do everything.
I also agree with Jana, that LinkedIn is “ great for your (my) business”, but at the same time, it’s a long time run. I perceive LinkedIn as a tool for spreading our thoughts and becoming an influencer for another group of people. Your clients can follow and read you. This way they reassure themselves you are the right professional for them, and besides that, they can recommend you to others. This is where I see the main benefit of LinkedIn for me and my brand. It’s one of the reasons why I recommend LikendAcademy from Jana Bartikova

Richard KunovskýWealth Management & Family Office in the company Richard Kunovský,

After attending this course I finally understand the potential of LinkedIn, and I am much more capable of using its tools for the promotion of our brand. I have learned how important is to have a tuned profile. Since the course finished people come by themselves and request to connect with me. Now I know, how to join my personal profile with the company profile and attract the right audience Our posts have a much bigger reach and readership. People are much more interested in our news, and our website traffic has increased. Jana showed us plenty of “small tricks”, which, in the end, make a huge change.

Petra OhlídalováMarketing Manager, AXIOM TECH,

Attending this seminar helped me to clarify what and how to present on LinkedIn, to get more attention and interest in me as a person and my knowledge and experience.
And it was through LinkedIn I have vitrually and personally met interesting people. We could exchange our opinions and learn how we can help each other.
I got a few business offers and several interesting job offers. Currently, I have been using LinkedIn for generating contacts and business opportunities.
I would recommend this seminar to everyone, who want’s to move their business forward and get new contacts and business opportunities. Jana Bartikova will help you to set up your profile and also with the way how to present yourself and create professional and business relationships, which, in the end, results in getting new clients

Miloš TimkoProfit Increasing Specialist for businesses and entrepreneurs, AKCELENT s.r.o.:

I approached Jana for making a training regarding "LinkedIn - how to present yourself" for Aero Women's Council - Prague Chapter that I run. Jana did good and highly professional job by delivering very detailed training to our people who attended such a session. Each of us was changing the LinkedIn profile as she had been spoken, so it was also very practical.
I definitely would like to recommend Jana for any other company that wants to make sure that their people present themselves on LinkedIn in a professional and on a good quality level.

Petra JarošováDefense & Space Licensing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and India, Honeywell Aerospace,

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