Service order: LinkedIn CUSTOM MADE PROFILE 

How does this service occur?

  • Once the order is made and purchased, I will get in touch with you within 48 hours to arrange the date and time for our initial 15 mins consultation.
  • Then I am going to send you questionnaires to fill in, where I can find out the neccessary information about you - not just the factographic, but mainly the information about your professional goals and about our strenghts, your value. 
  • After that, the 60 mins consultation will occur (phone, Skype, where we will go through the questionaires, I will ask for all necessary information more into depth. 
  • I will create the first version of your profile - first in a text document.
  • Then our second 60 mins consultation will take place, where we will go through the first version of your profile, clarify everything and fine-tune. 
  • I will create (adjust) your profile on LinkedIn.


The service consists of:

  • 135 mins of consultations in total.
  • Creating a draft of your profile and then creating the final version of profile on LinkedIn. 
  • Ready and complete LinkedIn profile. 
  • Profile in PDF - to use as a CV.

Do you need help? Have you got any questions? 

In the right bottom corner, you can find a chat app, where you can directly type your question and I will be happy to answer. 
 Or email me to
I am here for you and I will be honored to help you.