Jana Bártíková's Live Seminar

For entrepreneurs, business owners, company managers, merchants, financial advisors, real estate agents, consultants, lecturers, marketing experts... 

For everybody, who needs to generate new leads (B2B and B2C).


 Your Path Towards New Clients, Business Opportunities And Profits

21/5/ 2019

10.00 - 17.00

Prague 1, Klimentská 1443/50

Maximum number of participants: 12

Would you like LinkedIn to become your permanent and rich source of your customers, clients and comissions? 

Then having just a personal or company profile isn't enough. It is necessary to dive into it and do the right steps and do them right. Then you start reaping the rich harvest... How and what to do and keep doing? I am going to teach you within one single day. I will give you tips, methods and instructions how to get new customers and clinets for your products, services and projects... B2B and B2C. 


5 practical lessons:

My LinkedIn Strategy

 Attractive LinkedIn Profile

Big Network of Leads

Building Brand on LinkedIn

 Turning Leads Into Customers

The seminar tuition: 5.000 Kč

25% discount for a second participant from the same company

The price includes: 1 day workshop, home preparation, workbook, refreshments (water, coffee, tea, fruit)


Maximum number of participants: 12

Would you like to have this seminar delivered in your company?
E-mail me to jana.bartikova@linkedakademie.cz, I will develop a customized workshop for you.


Jana Bártíková

The author and lecturer Linked Academy
I have been on LinkedIn since 2007. When I was an employee, I used to get very interesting job offers thanks to this network. I have been in my own business for the past 6 years and LinkedIn has became the main source of my customers. It generates 80% of my sales, orders and comissions. For four years, I have been teaching my clinets, indivuduals or companies how to get new customers and clients thanks to LinkedIn. Over 1,000 participants have gone through my courses related to LinkedIn.


Thank you for a brilliant Linked Academy training with Jana Bartikova. Many tips on how to effectively built Employer Brand by using LinkedIn and how to recruit more successfully.

Dalibor DražanHead of Business in company Modrá pyramida, https://www.linkedin.com/in/dalibordrazan/

I am taking away from the seminar mainly the skill how to correctly use the main pillars of working with LinkedIn – personal and company profile, quality network, quality content and the options of publishing. Thanks to this workshop, I have started publishing content on LinkedIn and the sharing is going well. My network has been expanding. I have already linked with some interesting people and we are arranging cooperation.

Helena MíškováMarketing Manager in company Country Life, https://www.linkedin.com/in/helenamiskova/

I am truly glad I attended the seminar “LinkedIn for business” Jana was leading. I really liked two things. One of them was a clear course structure, i.e. dividing into 3 steps - creating an appropriate user profile, building the network of the right contacts and creating effective content. The second main benefit was, according to me, the immediate application of this new knowledge on my LinkedIn profile, i.e. learning by implementing!!! A huge contribution for me was also creating a company profile and gaining know-how how to actively work with it in combination with my personal profile.

Jiří BeranLecturer and consultant for development of people and organizations, INTELECTA TEAM, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jiri-beran/

Attending the workshop “LinkedIn for Business” was effectively spent time for me. I thank Jana for a great number of specific tips on how to use the potential of the LinkedIn network.

Veronika Pětík CeliznováRecruiter, Consultant, Mentor and Coach in the field of leadership and management of business teams, Modrá pyramida, https://www.linkedin.com/in/veronikapetikceliznova/

Attending this seminar helped me to clarify what and how to present on LinkedIn, to get more attention and interest in me as a person and my knowledge and experience.
And it was through LinkedIn I have vitrually and personally met interesting people. We could exchange our opinions and learn how we can help each other.
I got a few business offers and several interesting job offers. Currently, I have been using LinkedIn for generating contacts and business opportunities.
I would recommend this seminar to everyone, who want’s to move their business forward and get new contacts and business opportunities. Jana Bartikova will help you to set up your profile and also with the way how to present yourself and create professional and business relationships, which, in the end, results in getting new clients

Miloš TimkoProfit Increasing Specialist for businesses and entrepreneurs, AKCELENT s.r.o.: https://www.linkedin.com/in/milostimko/

I approached Jana for making a training regarding "LinkedIn - how to present yourself" for Aero Women's Council - Prague Chapter that I run. Jana did good and highly professional job by delivering very detailed training to our people who attended such a session. Each of us was changing the LinkedIn profile as she had been spoken, so it was also very practical.
I definitely would like to recommend Jana for any other company that wants to make sure that their people present themselves on LinkedIn in a professional and on a good quality level.

Petra JarošováDefense & Space Licensing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and India, Honeywell Aerospace, https://www.linkedin.com/in/petra-jarosova-6359956//


Appropriate and relevant CONTACTS

Unlike on Facebook, on LinkedIn, you see who you are connecting with. I will show you how to target well, build a network of contacts, how to gain their trust and turn them into customers.

Targetted and effective STRATEGY

On LinkedIn, you know your audience well, you choose it aimfully and therefore your strategy as well as the addressing is far more precise and effective. And we are going to create such a successful strategy together.

Easier CREDIBILITY building

Gaining trust is absolutely essential in terms of closing a deal. You will know, how to turn hundreds of cold contacts on LinkedIn into people who trust you.

Another place for buidling your BRAND

I will teach you how to build your business and personal brand on LinkedIn, even without your own website, or how to connect your LinkedIn strategy with your website, e-mail marketing tool and othet networks.

New business and new INCOME

By utilizing your new knowledge and skills from the course you get new customers, clients, new opportunities, commissions and profits.

You need no special LinkedIn Premium accout nor paid advertising. 
You build a new business only by fully utilizing LinkedIn Basic accout, which is for free...

Your investment for this cours will return very quickly in form of new contacts and commissions.


On LinkedIn you can address audience you woudln't be able to reach on any other network. 

  • Number of business owners, top-managers and decision makers are not on Facebook at all or they use it only as a tool for communication and sharing of their personal stuff with truly close people. They don't bring their work and business there.  
  • On the contrary, to LinkedIn, they come exactly with this intention. They are open to making new contacts and getting information that can be usefull to them work-wise and can help them to succeeed.  
  • People on LinkedIn are far more open to connect with people they don't personally know. 
  • There are fields for which LinkedIn isn't suitable at all, or vice versa, LinkedIn is the right network for them...

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