Your Successful LinkedIn Strategy

One of the most frequent questions I get from you is this one:

… So what shall I do first if I want to start using LinkedIn as a source of my customers? To adjust the profile? To get more contacts? To start posting a content?

This all comes later.

The first step must be defining your goal and creating a strategy. Because this will be influencing all your following steps. 

It is the same case as in other areas of work, business and life as such. If we know where we are going and how we want to get there, there is a much greater chance to succeed. So what do I recommend you to think about first?


1. What is your goal

It is important to know why you want to be on LinkedIn and what you want to achieve here, what you want to gain. Do you need to reach towards and get new customers and clients? Do you want to build here your personal or business brand? To find new co-workers, business partners or employees? To learn? To find a better job? Your goal can consist of several above stated items at once. And your goal can also modify or completely change over time. This is alright. The only thing that shouldn’t change is you constantly bearing it in mind and pointing towards it all your steps and activities on LinkedIn. 

” Your goal and strategy on LinkedIn will help you aswer these questions: “Should I state this in my profile? Should I get connected to this person? Will this content be interesing for anybody? ”


2. Who is your target audience

Define who you want to address, attract, get their attention and trust and why. Who do you want to be connected with, who should be attracted to your profile and who will you be creating and sharing interesting and useful content for. What does your target contact that should turn into your customer, co-worker, employer, employee look like…?

Yes, more contacts you have in your network, more you gain. But quantity shouldn’t be the onle criterion, quality of your contacts is much more important regading your goal.


3. What and how do you wish to present yourself to your target audience

The truth, of course. But which pieces of information about you, your professional present and past are interesting for your target audience and relevant regarding your intent? In which areas are you a professional and can be useful to other people? And how do you want to persuade your audience about that?

You may have a rich and interesting professional past behind you, dozens of courses and participating on a number of different projects. But be selective – choose only the infromation that will support you in your current expertis and earn you trust as a professional.


4. What activities do you want to do on LinkedIn

Think through how do you want to expand the network of contacts. In which way do you want to earn their trust. What content and how often do you want to share something with your contacts. What groups do you want to join? How do you plan to merge your online and offline activities? How do you want to turn your contacts into your customers (co-workers, employees…)

This is the key point. Because just “be” on LinkedIn isn’t enough. The results come with your activity. The one who gives gets…

All done? Great!

Now you can start correcting your profile, building the network of your contacts, your brand and other activities. Because from now on, if you do everything in alignment with your strategy, you are going closer towards your goal.

What are your goals and your strategy on LinkedIn? Share it in comments below this article. 

Jana Bártíková

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Jana Bártíková
I am the LinkedAcademy Founder, a comprehensive educational framework on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool that brings new customers. I pass my know-how I gained as an active LinkedIn network user, onto individuals and companies and I keep learning from worldwide experts.

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