I will help you to turn your LinkedIn into a lead magnet


  • How to attract and approach people, your product, service or project can help too? 
  • What another way can you build your brand and professional status in your field? 
  • How to strengthen or get your business or project going by till now untried way? 
  • How to get your great product or service to people who don't yet know about it? 
  • How to approach more clients and customers as a financial advisor or a merchant?
  • Are you looking for professional co-workers and employees and want to attract them in a different way than is possible on job search engines? 
  • Do you help people and companies and would you like to approach many more of them? 


We can consult:

Feedback on your LinkedIn Profile

I will offer my feedback on your current profile. I'll recommend changes and improvements you can make. I will lead you through creating your profile.

Building the network of contacts

I will give you tips, instructions and recommendations on how to build and expand the network of your contacts on LinkedIn.

Your activities on LinkedIn

I will give you tips on what to do to attract attention, get a larger audience and turn your contacts into your clients, customers or employers...

... and other questions about LinkedIn

Service fee:
148 EUR + VAT


I create you a Profile, that:

Sets you apart from others

Your Profile will show your uniqueness, your value and contribution to potential customers, clients or employers...

Becomes your ad

Your Profile will be your advertisement, which will sell your knowledge and skills...

Attracts the audience

Your profile becomes a lead magnet for your potential customers, clients or employers...

Service fee:
360 EUR + VAT

Custom-made LN PROFILE + STRATEGY Consultation

We will manage to go through all this:

Customized LinkedIn profile

I will create you a professional LinkedIn profile, that pinpoints your uniqueness, works as an ad and becomes a lead magnet for your potential customers, clients and employers...

Building the network

I will give you tips, instructions and recommendations on how to build and expand the network of your contacts on LinkedIn.

Your activities on LinkedIn

I will give you advice on what to do to attract attention, expand your audience and turn them into your clients, customers, employers...

... and other questions about LinkedIn

Service fee:
640 EUR + VAT

Service details: CONSULTATION LinkedIn 90 min

We will go through your questions related to the LinkedIn Basic Account. From your profile to building the network of contacts and your brand building strategy. You choose the topic of your consultation. 

How does it work?

  • After booking and paying for the service, I send you a suggestion of a date and time for your consultation. 
  • I will ask you for the specification of the topic we will focus on. 
  • The 90 minute consultation will occur remotely (phone, Skype) on the agreed date. 

The service contains:

  • The initial e-mail communication (topic, date)
  • 90 mins remote consultation (phone, Skype) 

Service fee: 148 EUR + VAT

Service details: LinkedIn CUSTOM made profile

A professional and well created profile is a necessary foundation for building your brand and all your other activities on LinkedIn. 

How does it work?

  • After you make a booking and purchase the service, I will contact you within 48 hours and we will arrange an initial 15 mins consultation.  
  • Then I e-mail you questionnaires, thanks to which I can find out all the necessary information about you - not just factual, but mainly information about your professional goals, strengths and your values. 
  • The first 60 mins consultation will take place afterwards (phone, Skype), where we go through the questionnaires, and I ask for further information into greater depth. 
  • I create the first version of your profile for you - at first, in a text document.
  • Then another 60mins consultation will occur; where we go through the first version of your profile together. We will clarify and fine-tune. 
  • After that, I create (modify) your profile on LinkedIn. 

The service entails:

  • 135 mins of consultations in total
  • Creating a draft of the profile and the final version of the LinkedIn profile
  • Ready and completed LinkedIn profile
  • Profile in PDF - possible to use as a CV

Service fee: 360 EUR + VAT

Service detail: LN custom-made PROFILE + STRATEGY consultation

 A professional LinkedIn PROFILE isn't enough. It is necessary to be active, expand the network of contacts, build the brand... In the right and effective way. To have a goal and STRATEGY... Then you can get the maximum out of LinkedIn...

How does it work?

  • I create your professional LinkedIn profile  (read more >>>
  • Then we create your strategy of building the network of contacts and building your brand on LinkedIn at agreed dates (2x90mins consultations - phone/Skype). 

The service entails:

  • Creating a custom-made LinkedIn profile (135mins of consultations, LinkedIn profile, PDF profile applicable as a CV)
  • 2x90 mins remote consultations (phone, Skype)

Service fee: 640 EUR + VAT

My LN profile wasn’t bringing me much, therefore I signed up for the Linked Academy course. I had not just learned how to manage my LN, but also how to build my brand. Changes I made according to the recommendation from Jana were small but significant. Since then, I get contacted by companies or individuals with requests for cooperation, the traffic on my website has increased as well as the number of my customers. My network has grown by 200%. These are exactly the reasons why I recommend Liked Academy to entrepreneurs and to sales representatives. You eliminate “cold” contacts and thanks to this, your communication is much more effective.

Ivana SáčkováSales Representatives coach and trainer:

Attending this seminar helped me to clarify what and how to present on LinkedIn, to get more attention and interest in me as a person and my knowledge and experience.
And it was through LinkedIn I have vitrually and personally met interesting people. We could exchange our opinions and learn how we can help each other.
I got a few business offers and several interesting job offers. Currently, I have been using LinkedIn for generating contacts and business opportunities.
I would recommend this seminar to everyone, who want’s to move their business forward and get new contacts and business opportunities. Jana Bartikova will help you to set up your profile and also with the way how to present yourself and create professional and business relationships, which, in the end, results in getting new clients

Miloš TimkoProfit Increasing Specialist for businesses and entrepreneurs, AKCELENT s.r.o.:

My goal was to learn how to use LinkedIn for my business I had learned much more than I expected! I really enjoyed the form of the course, because the workshops were broadcast live and there was the opportunity to ask and get an instant reply.
The biggest outcome of the course for me was I had learned how to work with LinkedIn profile. I had learned how to work with the groups and why to be a part of them. I had found out I could post on News Feed, something I really enjoy. And many other “tricks”.
I had clarified what brand I wanted to build and why. I had completely changed my profile, started from scratch and I have been constantly working on it I keep it up to date to make it a beneficial environment for everyone, who is interested in the questions about healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Linked Academy to everybody who wants to become visible in a high standard professional way. Jana, thank you for a wonderful course…

Vladimíra VavrouškováWriter of stories that help to heal:

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