Are Your Customers on LinkedIn?

At the end of the year 2018, there were over 1,500 000 members just in The Czech Republic. That is 600 more than n January 2017.

LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL social network. Reid Hoffman founded it in 2003 with the vision to enable professionals from different fields to connect, communicate, share and cooperate. According to the metrics, LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads worldwide. There are only 20% left for Instagram and Facebook…

In our country, LinkedIn was for years wrongly mistaken for a network for HR people and job seekers. Yes, recruitment is one the greatest possibilities, how to use LinkedIn. But, mainly, it is a BUSINESS tool, where you can find new customers. More and more companies and individuals realize this. And this is why the number of LinkedIn users is so rapidly expanding.

But to be on LinkedIn isn’t enough. Only not even 3% of Czech users of this network is active on LinkedIn in the right way and gains customers, clients and commissions from it. Which is a huge opportunity for everybody, who wants to start doing the right things, right now.

Who is on LinkedIn?

Managers of companies, teams, departments, divisions, branches…, business owners, specialists (IT, marketing, project managers and others), decision makers, freelancers… are on LinkedIn.

Many of them are not on other networks (Facebook, Instagram) at all or they use them as private people for entertainment, connecting with close people and they are not interested in business here.

But it is a different scenario on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users are open to making new contacts, getting information, inspiration as well as services and products, which can help him to achieve their professional, business and personal goals. 

B2B or B2C Customers?

Every LinkedIn member is on this network in two roles:

  1. As an owner or employee of a company. In this role, people focus on achieving the company, team or project goals… On profit, effectiveness, innovations… At that point, they are your B2B customers.
  2. As a private person. In this role, people focus on their personal satisfaction in different areas of their life: work, money, relationships, personal development, living… At that moment, they are your B2C customers.

This is why LinkedIn is a suitable marketing and sales tool for B2B and also for B2C business.

LinkedIn Isn’t Just Another Database of Contacts

It would be a great mistake to approach LinkedIn as a database of contacts. The approach to register on LinkedIn, find the target people and start sending them requests for appointments or even start selling to them doesn’t work.

The path to your new customers on LinkedIn leads through targeted connections, starting and building relationships and earning trust. 


LinkedIn sales stand on three pillars: 

Profile, Contacts and Earning Trust

The tool for building your brand and gaining trust is regular communication with your target audience – potential customers. Regular posting of interesting and valuable content will lead you to the contacts you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise. It will earn you their trust and help you turn them into your new customers. 

Jana Bártíková

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Jana Bártíková
I am the LinkedAcademy Founder, a comprehensive educational framework on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool that brings new customers. I pass my know-how I gained as an active LinkedIn network user, onto individuals and companies and I keep learning from worldwide experts.

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