Build Your Brand on LinkedIn.
It Will Pay Off

LinkedIn is a great tool for building your brand. Personal or company one. In fact, the best tool for many businesses. Or at least the second best, right after a personal experience… I will tell you why:


1. It substitutes your website 

Creating and editing a website, advertising, that would bring you new customers… These are expenses, which you can happily avoid on LinkedIn. You can create your Profile – page in no time (and an update is with no charge). You can easily get testimonials directly from your customers. You don’t need to drive your potential customers by advertising. Because they are already here… You just need to connect with them and communicate with them on a regular basis by publishing quality content.

LinkedIn gives you space, on your personal profile, your business profile (or product, service, project page) in your posts, blogs, comments, discussions… to present, what you are a professional in, build your brand and attract new and new contacts – your prospects. 

And in case you already have a website? Then LinkedIn can become your key source of the traffic and another funnel, where you can communicate with your potential or current customers and maintain or build relationships with them.

Did you know that you can even blog on LinkedIn? Everyone, who has a personal profile on LinkedIn can publish blogs and build a personal brand this way.


2. It can enable you to communicate with thousands of people at the same time 

To get your website traffic to thousands of visitors per day, build a database of thousands of email contacts, it takes years (I do know something about that…). And it is even more difficult, or maybe impossible, to be constantly in touch with thousands of people in the off-line world. And I don’t even mention that staying in touch isn’t enough if you want to turn your contacts into customers. You need to maintain and deepen a relationship with them, earn trust… 

LinkedIn makes all this possible. You can stay connected to thousands of people at the same time. And thanks to the regular communication with them by publishing valuable content you can build a relationship with them and earn trust. You can strengthen your brand towards them and turn them into your customers over time. 

Did you know that your LinkedIn audience doesn’t consist just of your connections? Your contet can reach much further, to people you are not directly connected with.


3. It will make building your trust and relationships easier

What is building relationships and earning trust based on? On one simple equation KNOW > LIKE > TRUST. And you can multiply all these on LinkedIn.

People will KNOW, what you are a professional in, thanks to your quality LinkedIn profile. They may LIKE what they learn about you if they see you can be somehow useful to them. They can also LIKE the content they get from you, your advice, tips, information… Thanks to this content you will strengthen your personal brand and people will TRUST you are a true professional, that you know what you do, that what you write in your profile is a fact. And it’s only a step away to using your services, buying your product, inviting you to a conference or a tender. 

Do you know, that if you build a large enough network of contacts and earn trust as a proffesional through your personal brand, customers start coming to you by themselves? And it doesn’t matter if you work as a freelancer or under a strong company brand. People trust people…


4. It constantly brings new contacts and commissions

So, this is how using your profile, a network of contacts and building your brand on LinkedIn brings you, and will constantly bring you new clients and commissions long-term… Are you making the most of it? 

Jana Bártíková

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Jana Bártíková
I am the LinkedAcademy Founder, a comprehensive educational framework on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool that brings new customers. I pass my know-how I gained as an active LinkedIn network user, onto individuals and companies and I keep learning from worldwide experts.

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