3 + 1 Reasons Why LinkedIn is a Great Tool For Your Business

Most entrepreneurs and merchants have already understood that without the internet, website and social networks it is very difficult to do business. When it comes to marketing on social networks, the majority of them think of Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn comes up very little. And it is such a pity. Because it is LinkedIn, which is the most suitable social network for some of the areas in business (B2B and B2C). Why? 

1. Facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is for work and business

Well, mainly to be said – LinkedIn ISN’T a place where people only display their CV’s and search for jobs. LinkedIn IS mainly a place, where professionals from different fields can meet, learn from each other and be useful to each other. People, who are part of this network come here to find information, inspiration and business opportunities. They want to educate themselves, be more successful and achieve their professional and business goals. 

I (Reid Hoffman) have founded LinkedIn in 2003 with the aim to connect professionals frm around the world to make them more productive and successful.

2. You can “sell” yourself on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile can become your ad, that tells about you what you know, which filed you are a professional in and how you can be useful to others. “The News Feed” is a great space for building your brand by sharing quality and useful content to your audience – your potential customers and clients. Thanks to the business profile you can build the brand of your company, project or product.

LinkedIn is a place where you can earn trust of your potential customers and clinets, which is the fundamental and necessary step towards them becoming your real customers and clients…

3. Network and present aimfully 

What do you know about people you address on Facebook? Who are they, what do they do, what goals do they have, how can you help to which certain one? How useful can be he/she to you?

LinkedIn profile will reveal you this about every single contact you have. It is easy for both parties to evaluate whether you can be serviceable to each other and whether there is any point to keep connected, follow each other, discuss, exchange experience or to do business… The strength of your connections on LinkedIn isn’t in quantity but in quality – in their relevance for your business.

Then you can target the content you share far better and achieve greater success with it.

LinkedIn enables you to address the right audience aimfuly according to your strategy.

4. You address the audience you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise

On LinkedIn you can address the audience you cannot reach on any other network. A number of business owners, top-managers and decision makers are not on Facebook at all or they use it as a tool for their personal communication and sharing stuff only with truly close people. They don’t bring work here.

On the contrary, they are on LinkedIn exactly with this intention. They are open to new contacts and information, which can be useful to them work-wise and which can help them to succeed.

People on LinkedIn are far more open to connect with people they don’t personaly know. 

Are you using LinkedIn for your business? Are you doing well? Share your experience in the comments below this post. 

Jana Bártíková

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Jana Bártíková
I am the LinkedAcademy Founder, a comprehensive educational framework on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool that brings new customers. I pass my know-how I gained as an active LinkedIn network user, onto individuals and companies and I keep learning from worldwide experts.

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